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Beaverbrooks Adele House – ComEC – Office Building


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The Customer
Beaverbrooks the Jewellers are one of the UK’s leading jewellers. Their name is well known on the high street and in the business world, for their integrity, passion and caring approach.

With over 800 people and over 65 stores throughout the United Kingdom, not to mention the internet and mail order teams, they work hard to create wonderful experiences which in turn enrich the lives of both their customers and employees.

The Challenge
Beaverbrooks have decided to focus upon reducing their costs in 2011 and after discussions with Apollo Enviro identified voltage optimisation technology as one route towards achieving this goal.

Voltage optimisation works on the principle that UK voltage is broadly supplied between 220-240V but is typically at, or in excess of, 240V. Due to EU regulation all UK appliances must work within the 220-240V voltage range.

A Commercial Energy Efficiency Controller (ComEC) unit from Apollo Enviro optimises the voltage (a process of reduction and stabilisation) to ~220V. This results in significant energy savings as the equipment operates correctly but consumes less power. An additional optimisation benefit is the reduced equipment maintenance and replacement costs; over-supply places extra operational stresses on equipment.

The Solution
Following a very successful trial in three Beaverbrooks retail stores, Apollo Enviro were asked to arrange the installation of a ComEC at the Beaverbrooks Head Office in Lytham St Anne’s.

The installation was successfully achieved with our electrical partner PEI Delta who installed the unit at a time convenient to Beaverbrooks. This window was strictly time limited as the retail EPOS systems download their data to the servers in Head Office every night.

The Business Benefit
As the graph above shows, 14% average savings were achieved at the Head Office (with its mixture of lighting, HVAC, electronics and other computer equipment) compared to the equivalent 2010 usage.

These 14% average savings translate to an estimated payback in just 2.5 years – saving the business approximately:

  • 47,495 kWh per annum
  • £5,343 per annum
  • 26 tonnes of CO2 per annum

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