Biodiesel Feedstock Analysis 2nd Generation of Biofuels


Courtesy of Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

The main obstacle in biodiesel production from waste fats and oils is their high free fatty acid content. Its precise measurement helps Professor Karel Kolomaznik’s Faculty of Applied Informatics team at Tomas Bata University in Zlín (Czech Republic) to develop suitable new technology.

Biodiesel from waste

The Tomas Bata University research group has developed a special catalytic system to process waste with high content free fatty acid fats and oils into biodiesel. Jiri Pecha, a member of the research group (see picture), says, 'The precise measurement of the feedstock free fatty acid content is important not only for choosing an optimal waste processing procedure but also for minimizing processing costs.” This is determined with a METTLER TOLEDO Compact G20 Titrator. Installation was quick and only basic user training was necessary. Jiri Pecha then developed and improved his own method for fast and reliable free fatty acid content determination in the feedstock and reaction mixtures.

Water content

The G20 offers the One Click™ user interface interface optimizing short learning times and the easiest, most efficient operation. The users can edit methods and perform titrations at once without long training times. The research team also determines the water content with Karl Fischer titration. Professor Karel Kolomaznik says, “The water content determines the conversion of the fat to biodiesel. These analyses help us to investigate the influence of the water on the reaction kinetics.' The METTLER TOLEDO Compact Karl Fischer titrator V30 offers the identical user interface as the above mentioned G20. All users who operate the G20 can also operate the V30 without additional training. Jiri Pecha confirms that, “The implementation of easy to use automatic titrators significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of our analyses.

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