Bioenergy in B.C.

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Garth Thoroughgood said the 2007 Throne Speech provided a strong mandate for greenhouse gas reduction that was reiterated in the 2008 Throne Speech. The 2007 Energy Plan announced a $25 million Innovative Clean Energy Fund and included the implementation of a bioenergy strategy. The 2008 budget included a carbon tax and investment in greener choices.

But it was legislation passed in 2008, including new forms of tenure, that “demonstrated that the government was serious,” Thoroughgood said. B.C. is also developing its own cap-andtrade regulatory system.

Thoroughgood outlined some highlights of the BC Bioenergy Strategy, released in January 2008. Key points include establishing a comprehensive provincial biomass inventory and aiming for B.C. biofuel production to meet at least 50% of the province’s renewable fuel requirements by 2020.

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