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Bioethanol Dispersing as World Challenge

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Bioethanol dispersing finds broad application in a national economy as solvent, also it is applied in production of a butadiene, as fuel for rocket engines, car engines, antifreeze, etc., it is an important intermediate product of organic synthesis (in production of esters, celluloid, artificial silk, ethyl aldehyde, acetic acid, chloroform, ethyl oxide and other products). Ethanol contains various impurities (aldehydes, air, the highest alcohols and other chemical compounds) in macro quantities which form a specific taste depending on a type of processed raw materials. Bioethanol dispersing is received on fermenting installations from ferment of starch and sugar containing raw materials and from the raw alcohol which received from the same types of raw materials.

At production of alcohol from raw alcohol is applying the rectifying installations consisting of epuration and rectifying columns. The rectifying installations equip with additional columns (final purification of alcohol, fusel rectifying, for allocation of ethyl alcohol from head fraction) for increase of productivity and quality of rectifying alcohol, improvement of allocation of fusel oil. Processing of alcohol from grain and potatoes is carried out by the same technology and consists of the following stages:

  • preparation of raw materials for processing;
  • boiling of starch-containing raw materials;
  • sugar using for starch-containing raw materials;
  • cultivation of yeast;
  • ferment of processed material;
  • ferment distillation;
  • alcohol rectification.

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