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Bioethanol mixing is the movable mechanism of fuel consumption

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Bioethanol mixing is applied in automotive industry; it is enough to add 10% of ethanol in gasoline considerably to increase car power. Small concentration of ethanol in fuel (to 10%) is not significantly influences on operation of the engine, but with increase of concentration to 85% be required power supply system alteration. Considering that biofuel comes to everyday life more strongly, the world automotive industry adjusted release of cars which can work, both at pure gasoline, and at a gasoline mix with ethanol in any ratio.

Gasoline is one of the most qualified and expensive energy carriers. For its receiving is using difficult complex of primary technological processes and secondary oil refining at oil refinery, and also various additives and the additives providing compliance to modern requirements to structure and quality of this type of motor fuel. It is recommended for improvement of operational properties, to make bioethanol mixing with gasoline. The most widespread and widely applied are: methyl – rubs-butyl air (MRBA), ethyl-rubs-butyl air (ERBA).

Bioethanol is the alcohol received in the course of vegetable raw materials processing. Crops containing a large amount of starch (a sugar cane, corn, potatoes, cassavas, sugar beet, sweet potato, barley, a sorghum), and as rice straw, waste of the forest industry, etc are the raw materials for it. Practically all countries of the world where the agriculture is developed, forest or woodworking branches have their own stocks of raw materials for production of ethanol.

Biofuel possesses a number of undoubted advantages. To the forefront of course, there is an environmental friendliness. Researches of exhausts from bioethanol mixing, show that unlike exhausts of usual gasoline sulfur oxides in air won’t appear absolutely, the content of nitrogen oxides is 15% less, and soot — for all 60%. Carbon dioxide in air is allocated as much, as plants consume during the life. In 28 days all chemical elements to which biofuel breaks up, become part of an ecosystem and organic components of water and the earth. Secondly, it is a renewable natural resource, unlike oil and gas which have property to come to the end. In many countries bioethanol mixing with gasoline is making in different proportions. The fuel containing ethanol, is marked by a letter E and number which means percent of the content of alcohol. For example E10 it is a gasoline with ten percentage additive, E85 – ethanol with fifteen percentage of gasoline. Strictly speaking, E100 are able to afford only in the warm countries – ethanol has one essential shortcoming: at low temperatures the engine which using alcohol is badly started. The problem is solved, absolutely an additive with at least of 5% gasoline or a special mix.

GlobeCore Blending company has the huge long-term experience in development, production, installation and start of hydrodynamic bioethanol mixing systems for terminals and parks worldwide. Wide experience of the company in commissioning and teams of engineers, give to operators confidence that the decision will be found for each concrete situation.

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