Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

Biofuel Promotion for Environmentally Sustainable Energy and Water Services

The success of power sector reform in India will rely in part on groundwater management improvements in the agricultural sector. Unreliable power supply and subsidized tariff structures lead to excessive water pumping by farmers who tend to pump water based on the power supply made available to them. Over-pumping contributes to higher energy consumption and rapid depletion of the groundwater table. Together these can serve to undermine development and cause higher greenhouse gas emissions. The United States will work with the Water Authority in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India to address this situation ensuring efficient energy and water co-management through mutually complementing interventions such as biomass-based distributed generation and energy efficient water management activities. Multiple stakeholders (U.S. and Indian agencies, interest groups, private sector and investors) will be involved to support deployment of biofuels based distributed generation systems. Farm families will be encouraged to increase on-farm energy and water efficiency through education, extension, and incentives. Communities will integrate water conservation programs as part of planning processes and outreach campaigns.

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