Biogas Check for biomethanol production case study


Courtesy of Geotech


Research into biomethanol production


Biogas Check - now superseded by the BIOGAS 5000




Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology


The team required a biogas analyser that could monitor changing levels of CH4 and H2S. The research consists of using a potassium mix to reduce H2S from 3,000ppm to 500ppm. Farmers in rural areas use biogas to generate electricity when not connected to the grid. The research is to improve quality of biogas by adjusting the AD process and so far a 10% uplift in CH4 has been achieved. About 75% methane is acceptable but 85% is targeted for CNG.


The scheme is being promoted by local government to protect the environment, as waste from pigs would otherwise cause pollution.160,000 households are using gas and a 20KW engine, receiving waste from 500 pigs, generates electricity which receives a rate of 5million Dong/KW.

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