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Biogas cleaning / conditioning - A requirement for optimal functioning of CHP systems

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Biogas is obtained through the anaerobic decomposition (putrefaction) of organic matter. It contains methane (CH4) in varying proportions, ranging from 35% to 70%, a proportion which largely depends on production methods and the materials involved in the process. This methane concentration is what enables biogas to be used as fuel. The release of methane into the atmosphere contributes to an increase in the greenhouse effect and its capacity to pollute is 21 times greater than that of CO2.

The use of biogas as a fuel or raw material for the production of other goods is the best option, not only because it avoids emissions of methane gas to the atmosphere but also because it reduces emissions of other greenhouse gases  that would occur as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels. 
Biogas must be cleaned for optimum operation and performance of machines (engines, turbines, boilers, fuel cells, etc.) related to its use as a fuel.

In this way, we achieve reductions in the costs of maintaining (repair and oil changes) the machines used at this type of facility; extending the life of machinery and equipment used for pumping, extraction and compression (blowers and compressors).

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  1. By Rhollent Kumwenda on

    I have liked it, its educative article straight to the fact. I Malawi we have a lot of cattle at least an average of 8 cattle per head. While other have more than 300 per head. Dung are just scattered and heaped in a cattle shed which produces methane that is released causing emissions. Women and girl children walks 5-18 km fetching for fire wood coming back home tired with 35kg of firewood on their heads while they have the biogas feeding stuff at the door step. Pls assist. Where group members ,can we find funds that can be used to install biogas digesters in two ideal sampled districts in Malawi ? We would like to carry a two years project.

  2. By Joaquin Herdz on

    Dear reader. Thank you for your information. I am going to study your problems and I am going to try giving a technical solution at the same. Pls Coudl you send me more information to How many cattles do you have in your city. Only an estimated quantity What is the average temperature in Malawi Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regrads. Joaquin Reina Herdz Energy & Waste