Biogas plants in Bulgaria


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Interview with Hristo Panayotov, manager of Belfrie. The company is a supplier of modern equipment for industrial and agricultural installations for the extraction, purification, storage and utilization of biogas, landfill gas and other combustible gases. Belfrie is the official representative of Austrian manufacturers Tecon textile constructions GmbH and Ennox biogas technology GmbH as well as of Hexa-Cover A / S - Denmark offering equipment with uncompromising quality and reliability.

Mr. Panayotov, what are the main application areas of your equipment?

These are:

  • Biogas plants in wastewater treatment
  • gas collection systems at landfills for solid waste;
  • Agricultural biogas plants;
  • biogas installations in the food industry.

What makes your system for storages Hexa-Cover A / S is unique?
The system provides fast and efficient coverage of the free liquid surface of the open manure storages, water tanks and artificial lagoons and significantly limit:

  • the odors and emissions;
  • Evaporation and loss of liquid raw materials;
  • Heat losses;
  • the development of algae.

Tell us about your recently completed project.
In late September 2016. Belfrie has put into operation a double membrane gasholder with a useful volume of nearly 1000 m3 in the largest in Bulgaria wastewater plant. The gasholder was produced by the Austrian company Tecon and was successfully implemented.

What will you present at the exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in March 2017?
We will present some gasholders, gas torches digestors and equipment for purification of biogas.

What visitors do you expect at the exhibition?
Our products will be of interest to all investors from the agriculture, food industry, municipal and industrial treatment plants, as well as representatives of design, construction and engineering companies engaged in the realization of new projects or in the modernization of existing plants for mining and utilization of biogas.

What are your views on the development of the biogas sector in Bulgaria?
The biogas as a source of electricity and heat has many advantages not discovered yet in comparison with the renewables like wind and solar power and therefore the sector has significant potential still to be realized in the next 5 to 10 years.

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