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Biomass Pellet Machine Fuel Can Replace Non-renewable Energy

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The appearance of the biomass pellet machine makes biomass energy more fully utilized. The common straws, cottonseed hulls, peanut hulls, miscellaneous wood, various wood fragments, corn cobs, larch wood chips, rice husks, etc. in our life are very low-use and easily cause pollution, but they are all very good biomass pellet fuel raw materials.

Today, there is a very good response to the use of biomass energy. Everyone recognizes the benefits of using biomass energy. Relevant departments also require companies to use biomass fuels to replace coal and other polluting fuels for combustion. Then biomass pellet fuels can replace coal, what are the advantages of combustion? Next, let ’s take a look.

The Application Of Biomass Pellet Machine Equipment

Biomass pellet machine equipment should be widely used in areas with relatively rich forestry resources, areas with large crop straw resources, wood processing industry, and activated carbon production industries. These industries have rich resources and can quickly and easily process biomass fuel. It is mainly used for heating, including district heating, small hot water boilers, domestic heating stoves and fireplaces, providing domestic users with domestic hot water and indoor heating.

The Combustion Process Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

The combustion process of biomass pellet machine fuel is similar to that of coal. When the fuel heated, the moisture on the surface of the fuel evaporates first and dried. When the temperature rises, a pyrolysis reaction will occur, which will cause the volatile analysis in the pellet fuel, and the coke will remain after the volatile analysis, the volatile content is easier to catch fire than coke. When the temperature is high enough, the volatiles first ignites, forming a bright flame a certain distance away from the particles. The volatiles are burned out, the coke starts to burn and a very short blue flame appears.

The Advantages Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

1. The ash content in crop straws is generally between 76% and 86%. The ash content begins to precipitate at about 200 ° C. If sufficient combustion air cannot be provided at this time, the unburned ash content is carried out by the airflow and forms black smoke. The biomass pellet fuel is dense and uniform, which limits the volatile ash overflow speed, prolongs the combustion time, and eases the air supply contradiction.

2. The crop straw is a loose skeleton after the ash is analyzed, and the air movement disintegrates to form flying black flocs. The remaining carbon structure of the biomass pellet fuel closely forms coke wrapped in a blue flame.

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