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Boom Lift Trucks

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Boom lift truck is widely used in highways, boatyards shopping walls, stadiums, dock, station, marketplaces, gymnasiums and residential property, workshop, residential property, mining workshops and any other isometric maintenance operation of complex high-altitude construction and other large range homework place. Its platform can lift up, extend horizontally, or turn around 360 degrees to stride across certain obstacles for work. so cherry picker boom lift for sale can realize multipoint work in a wide scope.


Boom lift trucks details

Boom lift trucks industry has the following characteristics: multi-variety and small batch. The products have high technical requirements and high added value. They are suitable for the development of specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. The industry has high barriers to entry and special vehicles belong to the automotive industry. According to the form of its lifting mechanism, it can is into four basic boatyards: telescopic arm type (straight arm type), folding arm type (curved arm type), vertical lifting type and hybrid type, as shown in Fig. In addition to the chassis, the aerial work vehicle has power transmission, working equipment, safety devices and hydraulic systems to achieve its high-altitude operation.

The live working of the boom lift truck refers to the operation of the live equipment by the operation method such as the equalization of the insulated operating rod and the flushing of water. Insulation should also be used in aerial work vehicles to prevent high-altitude operations during thunderstorms. The live working of aerial work vehicles can be realized by insulation and by using insulating tools. Generally, the indirect work method is a working method in which insulating tools are mainly insulated and insulated wearing tools are used as auxiliary insulation.