Briquettes – Favoring Green Revolution and Safeguarding the Environment


Briquettes facilitate easy storage, transportation and when used as fuel they are environment-friendly and smokeless. This is the reason there is an increased demand for them. If you are willing to take an initiative for an environment friendly atmosphere and also earn with the cause, the first thing you require to have in your business is a Briquettes machine.

Briquettes are a handy way to minimize wastage and convert residual products into useful ones. Briquettes are prepared by machines. There are many types of such machines, but you need to choose the right one for your purpose and industry requirement.

What are Briquettes?

Briquettes are basically compressed coal dust blocks and also any other combustible biomass that may include sawdust, wood chips, peat, paper, etc., which can be used as smokeless and environment-friendly fuel that can be used in smelting furnaces and industries.

It is a complex process to make briquettes, but the outcomes are generous. In order to make briquettes in large quantity one requires Briquettes machine, as the material is formed by intense pressure and compression of various agglomerates.

What are different types of Briquettes?

There are various types of briquettes and for each of them, different machinery is required. Below is some of the most commonly used briquette.

Biomass Briquettes It is a renewable source of energy and made from agricultural waste that replaces fossil foil. It is generally used as a replacement of fossil fuel. It is prepared by high pressure compression of waste materials such as sawdust and wood blocks. With the natural wood lignin acting as a binder, it helps to join wood particles to form solid logs.

Charcoal Briquette It is also one of the most important fuels, which is made by mixing certain things to charcoal dust and applying intense pressure on it. The things that are required to make charcoal briquettes are heat and fuels such as wood charcoal, charcoal fine, etc., sawdust, white ash, binder to bind all the things to form a solid and press release material like borax or sodium borate.

Peat Briquettes They are used as solid fuel and combine peat pieces by application of high pressure compression, which ultimately produces smokeless and slow burning domestic fuel.

Nowadays, many industries opting for a section containing Briquetting plants so that they can convert their side products into high density briquettes that are convenient to use and transport.

Benefits of Briquettes

• It is made of cost effective waste material such as agriculture wastes; thus, it can be used in efficient pollution control.

• It is a renewable source of energy; thus, it will not exhaust and also helps us in building clean surroundings.

• It can be used for heating large sized industrial boilers and can also be used for domestic purposes for cooking, heating, etc.

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