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Building and maintaining a knowledge-sharing culture for nuclear knowledge transfer

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This article highlights the problem of lack of willingness to share knowledge in nuclear organisations. This occurrence is widely common for different entities and business fields. The nuclear industry and nuclear power plant operating companies are not an exception. Knowledge may be considered as power, but in the context of an ageing workforce and the human resource shortage in the nuclear industry, this nonsharing attitude might lead to negative consequences. That is why a knowledge-sharing culture is essential for nuclear industry and organisational success. The paper address the interdependence between knowledge sharing, organisational culture, nuclear safety culture and human resource practices. It describes variables that influence people's willingness and readiness to share and to receive knowledge. The role of managers in establishing a knowledge-sharing culture and their actions in nuclear organisations are particularly highlighted. Some examples and practical advice are mentioned and discussed within the nuclear context.

Keywords: human resources, organisational culture, nuclear knowledge management, knowledge sharing, safety culture, knowledge transfer, nuclear safety, nuclear energy, nuclear power

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