Building Energy Management System - Ford of Europe Daventry - case study


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Use ENER-G's intelligent building controls and take advantage of:

  • Average financial savings of 43%
  • No capital investment
  • 30% reduction in C02 emissions

ENER-G's innovative Building Energy Management System (BEMS) offers seamless integration with your buildings' heating, lighting and ventilation. Our high technology solution can reduce your energy consumption and costs helping you comply with the Building Regulations and CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Our dedicated team monitors, measures, manages and reviews your BEMS 24/7 to achieve substantial energy savings by optimising your sites lighting, HVAC and auxiliary equipment. Our energy saving techniques include:

Monitoring changes - the system will report to you via email/SMS whenever a change is made to the settings, these are summarised and colour-coded to highlight their effect on energy usage.

Alarms - control system capable of handling most types of alarms from temperature exceptions to standard plant alarms.

Secure central control - this ensures only authorised employees may adjust time and temperature settings eliminating staff tampering.

Intelligent time control - using optimum start and stop routines accounting for outside and space conditions, maximises the system's 'off time'.

Intelligent use of lights - measuring ambient light levels from roof lights and windows then switching off or dimming artificial lights.

Monitoring - with Smart Metering technology energy and water consumption can be monitored. Management tools can then be implemented to ensure their most efficient use.

Virtual Energy Manager (VEM)

ENER-G's VEM software allows organisations of all shapes and sizes the benefit of a dedicated energy manager - 24/7. The software receives the 15-minute temperature and hot water readings in all zones together with the demand placed on your heating and other equipment.

The data is then logged, collated and presented graphically over a timed period of your choice. This is plotted against your programmed working hours and required temperature set times to highlight anomalies. These techniques are also employed on meters to allow a sophisticated monitoring of performance against budgets.

Case Study - Ford Of Europe
Ford of Europe's parts and distribution centre in Daventry holds the most comprehensive stock of Ford parts in the UK., comprising of four connecting warehouses covering approximately 140.000ms.

Site Issues
Prior to ENER-G's involvement, the site's heating infrastructure compromised of 80-oil fired, ceiling mounted warm air heaters and air handling plants to provide heating for the office staff, costing close to £1.4m annually.Using a combination of relevant energy management products and services from ENER-G, significant carbon and financial savings were projected and highlighted in a presentation to Ford's procurement team.

Based on a detailed site survey the two-phase project implementation was planned. The first project phase included the design, maintenance and finance of a BEMS to take control of the heating plant and reduce Ford's annual heating spend by 10%. This prudent 10% projection was made based on difficulties often experienced with pro-viding savings on oil fired sites.

The second phase of the project was to replace the existing pneumatic valves and actuators with analogue alternatives in addition to taking full control of the air handling units. The complete project delivery took six months Our installation team were extremely flexible, consulting frequently with Ford's operations team to ensure the minimum logistical disruption.

After the first quarter of having a fully functional system in place, ENER-G delivered savings in excess of 33% at the Daventry site far in excess of the initial prudent projection.

This equated to a financial saving of £186,000. and an environmental savings of 1,790 tonnes of C0S equivalent to saving 179,000 trees.

The project in Daventry was fully financed by ENER-G under a guaranteed savings contract paid by Ford on an annual basis.

About Ener-G
ENER-G develops, delivers and finances sustainable energy solutions and technologies on a business to business basis world wide. We offer a 'one-stop-shop' for all commercial and industrial energy requirements, from combined heat and power (CHP), renewable electricity generation from biogas, ground source heat pumps, efficient lighting, controls, metering and data solutions and energy from waste.

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