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Burgers Ergon – full service


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Burgers Ergon Controls is specialised in HVAC installations and controls. As one of Holland’s largest contracting firms, Burgers Ergon designs, commissions and maintains a large number of installations in diverse branches such as health, government, utility, education and industry.

For a long time Burgers Ergon has been considering adding value added services to their full service concept for customers. Since the company had access to a vast amount of technical data and energy data from their customers, for instance from the hundreds of BMS systems it was operating. Burgers Ergon was looking for an intuitive and easyto-use system to combine and analyse the data. A web based M&T system would be the perfect solution. The company’s wishes included:

  • Compatibility with a large number of BMS systems;
  • Easy for Burgers Ergon operators to maintain;
  • Attractive and intuitive for their customers to use.

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