Car Makers Show off New Developments in Storing Solar Energy

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On cloudy days and once the sundown is down, either a homeowner with solar panels to harness power is conserving their usage of electricity or they are back online with their utility providers.  Carmakers claim to have an answer to this dilemma of storing solar energy in batteries for later use.

Experimental Technologies in Homes

A leader in the automobile industry, Honda, unveiled their trial dwelling recently in an environmentally aware community Davis, California. The house is equipped with new technologies, which allow the home to generate more electricity than in uses. Solar companies and automakers have similar goals, both wanting to provide self-sufficient homes by way of the battery, linchpin.

In the United States, buildings and vehicles are responsible for 44 percent of greenhouse gasses caused by emissions. Carmakers see electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles meeting the requirements and mandates necessary, in turn leading to new developments in the energy services industry, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

More about the Battery Powered Home

Out front of the 1,944 square foot home sits the Honda Fit, an all-electric vehicle. The pristine garage features a 10 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack inside of a black box, which happens to be smaller than battery powering the vehicle sitting out front. Right next to the black box sits a larger white box named the Home Energy Management System. It is the main brain of the entire system. It tells the house when to extract electricity produced by the solar panels installed on the roof, to charge the car battery or to store the energy from the sun.  

Ford also claims to have a vehicle soon on the market, homeowners with solar panels, easily charged with no need to buy power from the utility companies to charge their batteries. It has marketed as no need for utility, at all to charge.

The home’s ability to store power in the battery pack and function off grid, independently, requires twice the amount of solar panels typically found on a comparable home.

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