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Car park lighting case study


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Installed Measures:
30w Led fluorescent tube replacement, new LED 50w external floodlights, new emergency lighting system, new CP Electronics microwave absence, presence & daylight detection, new switching arrangements for security lighting.

Strathclyde partnership for transport identified this multi- storey car park as very inefficient site for them as the majority of traffic through it was from 6am to 10am and then again from 4pm to 7pm leaving the majority of the day very quiet. They published tender requiring contractors to upgrade all of the twin 58w vapour proof fittings to LED and design a control system to allow for daylight detection, presence and absence detection. They also needed new Flood lights around the perimeter of the top floor of the car park.

The contract lasted 2 weeks in total and was completed in February 2011. It was completed in a live environment creating the need to have well planned, organised and realistic method statement.

With the assistance of car park staff and management we were able to schedule level closures every day allowing our teams to refurbish the exiting fittings. All fittings were completely cleaned to enhance the effect and ensuring maximum light output from each fitting.

The new system allowed for every third light to be left on during car park opening hours ensuring a minimum light level was maintained throughout the day. The others were on a combination of daylight detection, presence detection and timers ensuring no wasted electricity at non peak times. All sensors are controllable remotely for ease of use and complete control.

The emergency lighting system was removed and replaced with new bulkheads and was installed on a separate circuit. The LED floodlights replaced 200w sons which improved the clarity of the security cameras and greatly reduced consumption. Over all this car park generated savings of over 70% as a result of this work and to date no issues have arisen. Elite Energy fully tested and certified the system as an NICEIC Approved Contractor.

As part of our standard contract we offered our one year call back guarantee and the products manufacturers’ standard 3 year warranty.

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