Carmanah Solar LED Lighting Saves Facility $1.5 Million


Courtesy of Carmanah Technologies Corporation

California Energy Facility

California, USA

EverGEN 1520 Solar LED Lighting with BetaLED LEDway fixtures

California is one of the greenest states in the US and its focus on environmental protection is marked by aggressive mandates on the implementation of renewable energies and the reduction of harmful emissions. A large California energy facility, takes those mandates very seriously and is using solar power to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection activities.

Situated beside 3,000 acres of rare state park that house threatened and endangered species, the large energy facility engages in a rigorous environmental screening process for all projects that have the potential to disturb the native environment.

When the facility noticed that some of its parking lots were suffering from less than adequate lighting due to old cables and long electrical lines, it knew it would be faced with a unique challenge. Not only was the facility up against stringent environmental protection mandates, it was also situated near federal government property, which meant that permits to trench the area would involve a lengthy approvals process. Factor into the equation limited on-site resources for the maintenance of lighting infrastructure and the challenge began to look a little daunting.

The facility needed a unique solution: one that would allow it to install lighting bright enough to meet the requirements for parking lot lighting, but that would allow it to avoid the cost and disruption of trenching and the logistics of continued maintenance.

The team assigned to the project began to examine the possibilities and weigh out the pros and cons of each solution they encountered. After the research and examination was done, the decision to purchase Carmanah EverGEN 1520 solar LED lighting solutions was made.

What allowed the Carmanah solution to stand out against other solar LED products being considered for the project was its quality.

Utilizing the BetaLED LEDway fixture, the Carmanah EverGEN 1520 brought high quality LED illumination and best-in-class fixture performance to the project. In addition, the Carmanah solar solution provided lighting equivalent to AC powered illumination and offered superior uniformity to other solar LED solutions, allowing the team to install fewer lights to provide the required amount of light.

Faced with numerous unique challenges and requirements throughout the project, Carmanah’s helpful and supportive approach to each phase of the installation also factored into the decision to purchase the Carmanah solution over other options.

Above and beyond superior quality and customer service, the Carmanah solar LED lights also addressed the unique challenges of the installation.

With no need to trench, the Carmanah solar LED lights allowed the facility to avoid time consuming and costly permit procedures and saved the facility nearly $1.5 million in trenching and cabling costs alone.

The installation will also allow the facility to recognize continued cost savings. Limited on-site resources for the maintenance of lighting infrastructure, means that crews must be dispatched from outside the area to fix and maintain equipment: a costly endeavour that will now be signifi cantly reduced with the installation of the Carmanah EverGEN 1520. Engineered to reduce maintenance costs, the EverGEN 1520 is designed to provide five years of battery life and be virtually maintenance free.

In addition to noticeable cost benefits, the facility’s environmental concerns were also addressed with the implementation of the Carmanah EverGEN 1520 solution. By minimizing the digging required for installation, the solar LED lights allowed delicate park lands to remain undisturbed.

Full cut off optics of the BetaLED LEDway fixture also allowed the facility to address the issue of light pollution: a concern of particular relevance to the sensitive park setting in which it operates.

With the initial installation of six Carmanah EverGEN 1520 solar LED lighting units, the California facility was able to turn a challenging situation into an ideal solution that addressed the environmental, budgetary and application requirements with a quality solar LED product that will continue to provide cost, maintenance and operational benefits well into the future. The facility has since purchased over 70 units to meet the needs of other parking lots on the grounds.

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