Case study - ABUTEC’s medium temperature flare burns canning plant biogas


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A Northumberland, Pa.-based canning plant recently contacted ABUTEC, through ADI System Inc., for help combusting the biogases created during the canning process.

During this process, foods that are being prepared for canning create biogases that are used in power generation for the local facility. Excess gases that are not used by the gensets are typically vented into atmosphere, which can become harmful. That, coupled with new state and federal regulations, required that canneries create a solution for getting rid of these gases.

ABUTEC representatives suggested our Medium Temperature Flare (MTF) as a solution, based on the needs of the plant. Because the MTF is an enclosed combustor that meets state and federal regulations, but with low capital and operating costs, it was an ideal solution for the plant. The MTF system is able to accept the excess gases not used in power generation, from low flow rates up to full biogas volume produced. The MTF is scalable, meaning that the plant was able to employ the exact flare it needed for the job.

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