Case study - ElectraTherm generates power from low temperature geothermal


Courtesy of ElectraTherm

Site: Florida Canyon, Nevada, USA
Gross Power Output: up to 75kWe
Hot Water Input Range: 225-230F
Hot Water Flow: 150 GPM
Thermal Heat Input: 660kWt
Air Cooled Condenser

ElectraTherm successfully commissioned its Green Machine at the Florida Canyon Mine in Imlay, Nevada. ElectraTherm marked the occasion at Florida Canyon Mine with a commissioning ceremony including officials from the Department of Energy (DOE) and Jipangu International, the mine operator. Attendees representing the mining and utility industries also joined in a tour of the newly developed Green Machine configuration. The machine was manufactured with a cleanable heat exchanger, an increased power output of up to 75kWe and a fully-containerized solution for ease of transportation and installation through a grant from the DOE for $982,000. This also marks the first installation where ElectraTherm is providing not only the ORC equipment but ORC power generation as a metered service.
ElectraTherm’s Green Machine utilizes organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology to generate electricity from low temperatures unattainable by other technologies. First, hot water enters the Green Machine to boil a working fluid into a vapor. The high pressure vapor expands through ElectraTherm’s patented twin screw power block, spinning an electric generator. After turning the twin screw expander, the vapor is then condensed back into a liquid through the use of an external air cooled condenser. Following condensing, the working fluid flows back to the evaporator as a liquid to repeat the process.

According to reports by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, there are tens of thousands of oil and gas wells in the U.S. alone that co-produce hot water at optimal temperatures for the Green Machine. This produces millions of barrels of water which could be captured as fuel to generate clean power. Through collaboration with the DOE and commercial installations, ElectraTherm will continue to make inroads with this tremendous untapped resource.

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