Case study - Future Biogas choose the BIOGAS 5000 and GA3000


Courtesy of Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd

About the customer

Future Biogas, Guildford, England specialises in the construction and operation of biogas plants for the UK.


BIOGAS 5000 portable biogas analyser and GA3000 fixed biogas analyser for Anaerobic digestion (crop digestion).

It was vital for the customer to know and monitor the CH4, O2 and H2S levels on an ongoing basis; accuracy with those readings was incredibly important.  David Allan, of Future Biogas, said:

'We bought the product after seeing it at a trade show.  We had tried a similar unit from Germany, but we preferred the Geotech analyser.  I find the unit to be robust, accurate and easy to operate. The BIOGAS 5000 is a great improvement to its predecessor, one of which we also own.  The increased portability is its best feature for me.  The GA3000 came as part of an engine contract, and seems to work really well.'

The BIOGAS 5000 in use

The customer generates CH4 by the anaerobic digestion of crops, then stores and uses the gas in an engine to generate electricity. A minimum level of CH4 is required, and the engine is also set up based on the CH4 level. A maximum level of O2 and H2S is controlled on the system based on the readout from the analyser.

Customer comments

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