Case study: GFE Krogenskær A/S


Courtesy of Biogasclean A/S

Substrate: Animal Manure & co-digestion
Biogas flow: 1.200 Nm3/h
H2S inlet: 3.000 ppm
H2S outlet: 10 ppm
Year of installation: 2010

The BioGascleaner was installed at Krogenskær as a replacement of another H2S filter which collapsed due to the normal H2S and biogas flow fluctuations of the plant.

The performance of the biological H2S removal unit has proven a success, not only for the low operational costs of the system, but also due to the stable quality of the cleaned biogas.

The biological filter has contributed to the long life-time of engine parts and lube-oil; it has also reduced the sulphur dioxide emissions. There is condencing operation on the exhaustgasboiler, increasing efficiency and output. The system was designed to reduce H2S content down to 10 ppm. Operation Officer Mr. Søren Pilgaard has so far experienced a very reliable system, fully able to manage gas fluctuations and in addition the H2S content has consistently been close to 0 ppm.

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