Case study: Lachute landfill


Courtesy of Biogasclean A/S

Substrate: Landfill
Biogas flow: 6.500 Nm3/h
H2S inlet: 1.300 ppm
H2S outlet: 10 ppm
Year of installation: 2011

This BioGascleaner was installed as a replacement of another H2S filter which collapsed due to the normal H2S and biogas flow fluctuations of the plant.

The system is produced partly in the USA and partly in Denmark. The managers of this Biogas Plant are very satisfied with the performance of the cleaning unit, not only for the low operational costs but also due to the stable, high quality of the cleaned biogas. It demands little maintenance and is uncomplicated to master.

The clean gas is used for running 8 Caterpillar motors and the BiogasCleaner has extended the life-time of both engine parts and lube-oil and has reduced sulphur dioxide emissions drastically.

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