Case study - Mission Linen Supply, Santa Barbara, California, USA


Courtesy of Sidel Systems USA Inc.

“A number of years ago Sid Abma of Sidel Systems USA Inc. approached us with his Sidel SRU flue gas heat recovery unit. I think that we, like most companies, considered it; but we took no action for some time. Finally a situation developed that made it beneficial for us to try this unit. We purchased a unit and had it installed in July of 2006. A second unit is in the process of being installed at a different location, and we expect it to be operating by the end of July 2007. We have also committed to purchase 3 more units to be installed in 2007.

In the one installed unit, we are experiencing the energy savings as was estimated by Sid. Since we have reduced the load on the boiler, we are also experiencing savings on the cost of boiler chemicals.

We used to operate our direct fired heater continuously at high fire. Now it is mostly running on low fire, and only occasionally does it go on high fire. Thus this change has provided Mission Linen with additional heat capacity, if needed, without having to purchase any new equipment.

Mission Linen Supply is committed to its goal of improving the environment. The Sidel SRU flue gas heat exchanger is definitely helping us accomplish this. Not only is our facility more energy efficient, but it is also emitting less pollutants, while operating at a lower cost.”

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