Case Study: Monitoring Fuel Treatment with On-Site Fuel Analysis


Courtesy of Spectro Scientific

Version 8 of our industry leading SpectrOil Optical Emission Spectrometers offers significant performance improvements and enhanced productivity. In particular the sensitivity of the instrument has been improved markedly to allow detection of trace metals down to the part per billion (ppb) level. This capability is particularly important to power generators using liquid fuel, as high levels of alkali metals in the fuel can corrode expensive turbines resulting in costly damage and downtime. The significant performance improvement in Version 8 enabled a new spectrometer for fuel analysis, the SpectrOil M/F-LD.   The M/F-LD analyzer supports No. 2 Diesel and extends the  limits of detection (LODs) even further for alkaline metals such as lithium (Li), sodium (Na), potassium (K) and vanadium (V) to below 100 parts per billion (ppb). 

Stability Improvements:

  • Enhanced signal processing improves short and long-term stability
  • Integrated standardization makes set up and operation faster and easier
  • Improved background measurement enables lower limits of detection (LODs)

User Experience Improvements:

  • Tools for remote support
  • Interface to MiniLab 153 comprehensive oil analysis for industrial machinery

Applications note: 'On-site Trace Metal Analysis for Gas Turbines: SpectrOil MF L/D On-site Fuel Analysis Spectrometer'

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