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Catalytic boilers with catalytic fluidised bed

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In this paper, conditions of work, special features and problems of boilers with catalytic fluidised bed are described. The specific conditions, when the catalyst layer remains stationary and granular or becomes spouting, are also considered. There are some main zones in the catalytic boilers with fluidised bed, which characterise such boilers and which must exist in them under normal working conditions. Some recommendations on geometric and regime parameters providing the optimal zonal arrangement are given for different fuels (natural gas, diesel and fuel oil). The more detailed processes in catalytic fluidised bed using the dimensionless numbers allowed to describe the heat transfer in such bed and the conditions of optimal fluidisation.

Keywords: catalytic boilers, catalytic fluidised bed, stationary layer, granular layer, spouting, boiler tubes, materials, geometric parameters, regime parameters, zonal arrangement, heat transfer, fluidisation condition

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