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Energy use is additionally a major supply of emissions from the iron and steel industry, making energy efficiency improvements a lovely chance to reduce both emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. The global steel industry has recently taken the lead on developing future low-carbon iron and steelmaking technologies. Waste heat boiler technology for CDQ is a main equipment to realize the aims. 

What exactly is CDQ waste heat boiler?

Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) can be an alternative to popular the standard wet quenching from the coke. Coke is cooled utilizing an inert gas in dry cooling plant, rather then cooling by sprayed water which ends in high CO2 emissions and thermal energy loss.  This process allows the recovery in the thermal energy inside quenching gas which can then use for your output of steam and electricity, for district heating, and/and the preheating of coking coal.  

CDQ also improves the standard of coke and enables reduced coke consumption from the blast furnace. Because product quality is improved, CDQ may also leave using more affordable non-coking coal at the same time, thereby reducing costs. 

CDQ waste heat boiler utilizing heat in the exhausted flue gas to build steam or energy is usually reused in CDQ processing, largely saves fuel and cost from the iron and steel industry. 

CDQ waste heat boiler supplier 

As there may be global concern about the emissions of greenhouse gases and stringent climate policies are foreseen in the near future, increasing energy efficiency is an important opportunity to reduce both costs and risks associated with these policies. ZG the boiler manufacturer developed CDQ waste heat boiler along with industrial boilers for iron and steel industry.

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