CEC ensures applying for appliance rebate made easy


Courtesy of FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS)

As countries, states and municipalities begin to offer rewards and incentives as part of their sustainability and energy programs, these institutional entities look for partners to assist in administering the rebate process efficiently and cost- effectively.

The California Energy Commissions (CEC) has been tasked to administer the State Energy Efficiency Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP), which allocates $32.5 million worth of federally-disbursed rebates to consumers for purchasing qualified home appliances during the rebate period.

Titled “California’s Cash for Appliance Rebate Program,” the largest of its kind in the United States, had the CEC take on the task of rolling out the program, ensuring the efficiency of carrying out labor-intensive processes through qualifying short of disbursement. The rebate program helps save energy by replacing inefficient appliances with Energy Star-rated units, making energy efficient rebates available to residential customers.

The Solution
Since the CEC should focus on their main business, they selected FirstCarbon Solutions as their partner to manage the sustainabiility initiative seamlessly.

FirstCarbon Solutions provided project management, strategic sourcing, and document management services for California’s Cash for Appliances Rebate program. The program is funded through SEEARP funds administered by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), as part of the federal stimulus to promote spending.

FirstCarbon Solutions adheres to strict rules regarding the processing of rebate applications, document management protocols, data security issues, and program transparency. FirstCarbon Solutions successfully built the program under time constraint and processed roughly 200,000 rebate applications in the first seven months. By utilizing the customer service function of its call center services, FirstCarbon Solutions also oversaw consumer relations.

FirstCarbon Solutions kept administrative costs low while meeting stringent federal monitoring evaluation requirements. Because FirstCarbon Solutions offered sound practices, it was chosen as the provider for the project’s second phase that included the same procedure for an expanded appliance list.

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