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CH4E 25m3 DIY Biogas Holder - Case Study


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CH4e have a simple mantra; they are “singularly devoted to creating energy independence and increased wealth for farmers”.

Being one of a very few UK companies offering an entirely British designed and built AD system to the UK farmer, the Ch4e solution is proving to be far more relevant than the imported European equivalent.

On a typical UK farm with more than 300 cows, the CH4e system boasts a shorter digestion period when compared to other systems. It is also fully automated requiring virtually no involvement by farm workers and is remotely monitored 24hours per day to provide complete peace of mind.

CH4e present a unique proposition to UK farmers by offering to fund the site survey, the plant, its installation, monitoring and maintenance – leaving the farmer to benefit from free electricity and heat to use locally on the farm whilst requiring no capital investment.

For their demonstration AD system operating on a farm in Collacott, North Devon we supplied a standard 25m3 biogas holder to compliment their enticing proposition to the UK dairy industry.

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