China anticipates aluminium boom

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The boom in China’s aluminium exports is driving an increase in domestic light metal production and consumption, industry insiders told the China International Non-ferrous Metals Market Conference 2007 held recently in Hong Kong.
China is set to produce 12.4 million tonnes of primary aluminium this year - an increase of 32% compared to 2006 - while capacity is set to reach 15.7 million tonnes, according to Wang Feihong, Senior Analyst with Beijing Antaike Information Co. Ltd - a consultancy affiliated to the China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association (CNMIA).
China’s primary aluminium output reached 9.4 million tonnes in 2006, a total 20.4% higher than that of 2005 and a massive 117.5% above the 2002 figure. China produced 8.15 million tonnes of aluminium products last year, making the country the world’s largest aluminium fabricator. China was also the world’s largest exporter of aluminium products last year in shipping overseas some 1.24 million tonnes.

Product exports
‘China’s primary aluminium consumption was mainly invigorated by aluminium product exports, aluminium consumption for expanding aluminium plants, and its use as a substitute for other metals in downstream industries,’ said Mr Wang.
Actual consumption reached 25.08 million tonnes in the first quarter of this year - 45.3% higher than the same period of 2006, according to Antaike. Mr Wang predicted that China’s primary aluminium consumption would increase 35.5% to 11.75 million tonnes this year.

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