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China's longer-term energy strategy and its implication on CO2 emissions

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Recently, there has been increasing concern on national energy security, local environment damage and CO2 emissions caused by the rapid increase of energy consumption in China. This paper presents the challenges and strategy of China's energy system development based on an analysis of energy demand and supply over the next 50 years. As a fundamental energy policy, energy conservation will be kept as a high priority in the future, while improvement of energy diversity, by the development of renewable energy, nuclear energy and other new energy technologies, will be the solution to fill the energy demand in the long term. Successful implementation of such an energy strategy will greatly mitigate the CO2 emission in the short term and further reverse the growth trend of CO2 emission from the energy sector.

Keywords: CO2 emissions, carbon dioxide, energy conservation, energy diversity, energy strategy, global warming, energy consumption, energy demand, energy supply, energy policy, China, renewable energy, nuclear energy, new energy technologies, energy security, environmental damage, air pollution, environmental pollution

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