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Ciba Specialty Chemicals makes energy savings of over 7% with the Maxsys Fuel Systems


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Ciba Specialty Chemicals is a world leading Chemicals Manufacturer with a global presence whose products and services are sold in over 120 countries on all continents and employing around 15,000 people at 69 sites in 22 countries worldwide.

The Fuel Systems from Maxsys was able to deliver impressive gas savings of 7% to Ciba’s plant operations.

The challenge

The energy intensive nature of the chemical processing at the company’s three major UK sites has seen costs for natural gas rise to over £10 million per annum representing a major element affecting the company’s operational ‘bottom line’.

Acutely aware of the need to ensure energy efficiency, and where possible reduce energy costs, the company resources project engineering teams dedicated to the review and implementation of best practice technologies to meet these Group objectives.

Following an evaluation of potential energy saving projects, Ciba Specialty Chemicals selected the Maxsys Fuel system as offering the best potential to achieve their dual objectives of improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

The solution

The plant selected for the project was a granular product drying system, with excellent metering and monitoring, located at one of the companies major UK facilities. The Fuel System was installed in 2 gas burners rated at over 2000 kWh which generate hot air for the fluid bed drying process. The system consumes over 3 million m3 of natural gas per year. With comprehensive metering and monitoring this application offered the opportunity to accurately assess the Pre and Post installation performance of the Fuel System.

It was decided that ABB Engineering Services, acknowledged as leaders in energy management, would carry out an independent performance evaluation.

A test protocol was produced for the assessment of the pre and post installation performance of the dryer plant. With a comprehensive range of monitored points available from the customer DCS the protocol defined the metering and monitoring points that were required as well as the frequency and number of data points to be collected.

After the Fuel system were installed, data collection continued until the specified
number of valid data points identified in the Test Protocol for each product variant had been gathered.

The outcome

The Fuel Systems proved to be effective in improving the efficiency and reducing emissions from energy intensive combustion applications including boilers, kilns, dryers and process drying plant.

Analysis was undertaken on five different products and in every case there was clear evidence of reduced gas usage per tonne of product when comparing Pre and Post installation data sets. With no changes to settings or plant operation for the duration of the project other than the installation of the Fuel Systems it was concluded that the Fuel Systems were responsible for the gas savings. Maxsys was confident it could achieve a minimum 5% gas saving and it actually achieved a minimum of 7% across each of the five product variants – with an average saving of 10%.

Frank Kudarenko, Site Services Manager, Ciba Specialty Chemicals comments “We were delighted with the Fuel System. Gas usage was lower for every product processed over the project, with an overall saving of 10% on gas and a reduction of over 420 tonnes in C02”.

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