Climatic Catastrophes And The Role Of Solar Power

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The world is witnessing a drastic negative change in the climate of all regions owing to the rapid increase in the burning of fossil fuels as well as utilization of other non-renewable sources for energy production. These worst fears of increasing natural disasters, extreme weather and melting of Earth’s icecaps were confirmed by the recent release of IPCC’s climate assessment report. The repercussions of this modification in weather are huge ranging from destruction of crops, increased sea level and indirect effects such as poverty and economic turmoil. Immediate switch to renewable sources of energy generation such as solar or wind is the only solution to our rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions. 
Large steps almost always require state intervention and interest in order to create awareness among the masses regarding current energy issues. This knowledge would consequently lead to an increase in investment and public interest to further encourage shifting on to renewable sources for domestic and industrial electricity production. A best case scenario where all countries unitarily decide to reduce their carbon footprint would cut back magnanimously on the amount of pollution as well as the total energy costs. 
This possibility can only be materialized in to reality if people are forced to pay for their pollution and emissions on domestic as well as national level. There is need to initiate next generation solar, to improve efficiencies and bridge the gap of climatic changes through introduction of newer technologies. The existence of solar energy however, is a very convenient as well as a doable option to cut back on the climatic changes while simultaneously reducing the cost structure and improving efficiency levels.It is high time to curb the growing environmental degradation and availing the opportunity to stabilize our planet’s health.
The frightening reality of our current situation is that despite large scale efforts on a global level both by governments as well as institutions, we have yet to regain any control on our carbon footprint which is increasing at a rapid rate with no hope of halting or slowing down in the near future. Only equal worldwide adaptation and additional loans or incentives to developing countries can be a beacon of hope for curbing climatic change and achieving a healthier overall environment.

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