closed pyrolysis and fast pyrolysis equipment


Courtesy of Technokomplex

Technokomplex manufactures and sells Pirotex closed pyrolysis equipment and auxiliary equipment that process by-products (pyrolysis carbon, liquid fuel) into commercial fractions.
The equipment is becoming more relevant for mechanical rubber goods and plastics utilization field as besides hydrocarbon-containing products utilization mechanical rubber goods, plastics, oil sludge and waste oils processing into marketable products (industrial soot, activated carbon, mazut, diesel, benzine) becomes an important issue.
Technokomplex being intrested in technological advance improves every set of Pirotex equipment by constant information search, communication with partners operating equipment, thorough analysis of critical & positive responses.
The main prospects of Technokomplex progress are production of fast pyrolysis equipment and designing & selling biofuel production equipment.

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