Combustible Briquettes for All Your Camping Requirements


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Coal has been in use since historical times both to cook food and to produce energy. Coal briquettes are a great fuel source and are manufactured in specialized briquetting plants that offer different varieties of combustible briquettes.

What Exactly Is A Briquette?

Briquettes are an amazing source of combustible energy that can be used to light wood fires and cook food. These are basically a compressed block of charcoal or some other material that is combustible. Briquettes can be a good replacement for the conventional modes of non-renewable sources like wood and coal. Even though almost all developed countries have started using LPG as a modern source of fuel in kitchen, burning of coal and wood can still be found in most homes of many villages in developing countries.

Coal is a fossil fuel and the use of coal also pollutes the environment to a certain extent. However, coal briquettes made from briquetting machine are more environment friendly material that are combustible and do not pollute as much as coal.

What Are The Different Types Of Briquettes?

Briquettes are manufactured from different types of raw materials that are easily found in nature and are thus quite cheap and also available in abundance. Let us take a look at the alternative types of briquettes that are generally produced in a modern briquetting plant:

1. Wax Briquettes: These briquettes are made from wax and are much cheaper than coal briquettes. Wax briquettes are however messy to use since they leave a residue which is undesirable when cooking with them.

2. Limestone Briquettes: This is a great option for producing non-coal briquettes. Limestone is naturally found in areas where there are large deposits of aragonite and calcite. These are the two main minerals which contribute to the formation of lime-stone. Lime stone briquettes are area-specific and are not found everywhere.

3. Lignite Briquettes: This kind of briquette is manufactured from a brown coal-like substance derived from peat. This substance is known as lignite and is also sometimes referred to as ‘brown coal’. Lignite briquettes are widely used in Germany and Greece to provide power.

Where and How Can I Use Briquettes?

Coal briquettes can be used for industrial purposes or even at home for a casual barbeque! Briquettes are a good source of slow-burning fuel which can be put to good use while trekking, camping and hosting barbeque parties! Eco-friendly briquettes are now also being produced by many briquetting plants.

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