Commercial demonstration plant Westbury, Quebec (Canada)


Courtesy of Enerkem

Status: Operations started in 2009

Feedstock: Used electricity poles

Main Product: Syngas, Biomethanol (Cellulosic Ethanol in the future)

Capacity: 5 million litres /1.3 million gallons per year

Enerkem’s Westbury facility is the company’s first commercial biofuels and biochemicals facility. This demonstration-scale facility will be the world's first ethanol and biochemicals plant to use negative-cost and unconventional materials - treated wood from used electricity poles as a feedstock.

Operations started in 2009 with the production of conditioned syngas. Methanol production has been underway at the Westbury facility since 2011, and cellulosic ethanol since spring 2012.

The plant is located in a rural area, near a sawmill that recycles used electricity and telephone poles. Enerkem employs the non-usable portion of these poles and creates value from it.

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