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Commercial Site - DuPont Wilmington, Delaware - Case Study


Courtesy of Heliotronics Inc.

For 20 years DuPont has demonstrated a firm commitment to support the solar energy industry with innovative products, and now with a 45 kw photovoltaic installation at the Chestnut Run facilities in Wilmington, Delaware. The centerpiece of the installation is Heliotronics’ touchscreen kiosk in the main lobby of the building. The kiosk includes over 45 pages of real time data and educational information about solar energy. Data displays include real-time solar power production, avoided emissions, system efficiency, and weather data.

Corporations and the financial community are finding that being green can be good business. Like DuPont, large companies are starting to install trophy PV arrays at their headquarters and other facilities. They substantially raise the profile of the system by feeding data into fun kiosk displays in their lobbies and / or feeding the data to internet displays that can be linked to from their web site. Heliotronics was selected for the DuPont installation due to the quality and usability of the display.

A new buzzword in the investment community is decarbonization, reducing use of carbon-based energy for production and operations. Recent research has shown that forward looking companies are better performing investments, and that an active decarbonization program is a strong indicator of a progressive, forward-looking corporate culture. An instrumented trophy array provides an effective way to call attention to the corporation's de-carbonization efforts, potentially adding to shareholder value. Additionally, good corporate citizenship aids in community relations and, can increase customer loyalty and the perception of quality of the brand.

The effectiveness of monitoring as a promotional tool can be aided in a variety of ways. It is critical that public education and awareness displays be designed for the purpose of teaching. Operations and maintenance displays that are designed “by engineers, for engineers” are not as effective for education. When it comes to public education and awareness, Heliotronics offers an excellent set of tools that ensures the investment in a solar array will pay dividends for years to come.

Project Snapshot

  • Data Monitoring System: Heliotronics Becquerel 3P Package
  • Monitoring System Specs: Monitors real-time PV power and energy output, system efficiency, avoided emissions, irradiance, PV module temperature, ambient temperature and wind speed
  • User Interface: Heliotronics’ SunViewer educational display software running on a touch screen kiosk
  • PV Installation: (270) GE Energy PV173 solar modules, Xantrex PV45208 inverter
  • PV System Capacity: 45 kW (grid-connected)
  • PV Mounting: Ground mounted
  • Installation team: WorldWater and Power Corp.

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