Continuous biogas monitoring with AEMS in South Korea


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Biogas research projects


AEMS biogas analyser


South Korea


KEPCO Research Institute


The customer required a biogas analyser to verify the quality of the biogas being produced from waste water whilst the plant was being fine-tuned before its full-scaled operation.


The first biogas micro gas turbine distributed power generation facilities in Korea was developed to generate 60kW of electricity from waste water. Biogas rich in methane (CH4) produced by the 100 tons of waste water produced every day by Gong Ju’s livestock raising facilities in the area was used to drive the micro turbine and Geotech’s AEMS system was installed to verify the quality of biogas while the plant was being fine-tuned before starting full-scale operation. This continuous biogas monitoring fulfilled the manufacturer’s fuel condition requirement and protected the engine from damage and unscheduled downtime, causing lost revenue. Capstone required 99.9% hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal performance of the biogas pre-treatment system. The AEMS system monitored biogas quality (CH4, CO2 and O2) as well as CO and H2S levels. The AEMS system was used at the early stages of the £1m project, as wastewater treatment processes were investigated in depth to find potential improvements in performance. Changes in internal recirculation ratio and pre-treatment levels were carried out to optimise plant operation and biogas production. The micro-turbine and heat exchanger are used to warm anaerobic digester as well as generate electricity. Annual energy savings have been estimated at 115,871kWh of electricity and 579GJ of heat.

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