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Controlling Storage Level of Oil Tanks case study


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SmartScan25 provides a reliable and strong solution for level measurement of stored oil in Taiwan's leading fibers manufacturer.

Tuntex Distinct Corp. located in Tainan, is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of fiber and spinning for the textile industry. The company's plant is known by its state-of-the-art technology that guarantees top quality fibers and filaments for textiles and garments around the world.

The problems

The fiber spinning process consists of liquefying a polymer and extruding it into several fibers using spinneret. The polymer liquefying process demands water heating to high temperatures; the water heating is done using oil kept in several storage tanks. Tuntex plant engineers sought a solution that will provide them with the necessary data on the oil level stored in these tanks.

The environment inside the oil tanks is problematic and can cause few difficulties trying to obtain accurate level measurements. The temperature inside the tanks is around 50- 60°C (122-140°F) to maintain the oil in a liquid state. This high temperature causes the environment inside to be hot and sticky. In addition, the hot environment also creates vapors. These vapors may cause condensation on the sensor which consequently may result inaccurate readings.

The solution

Tuntex plant engineers installed SmartScan25 L unit above the oil tank. The SmartScan25 is a non-contact, ultrasonic level measuring device equipped with a sophisticated software algorithm to overcome acoustic interferences. Designed as a two part system SmartScan25 enables local view of the measurement results on its LCD display while installing the sensor remotely above the oil tank. Moreover, the SmartScan25 sensor conical shape prevents condensation of water drops on the membrane, thus assuring reliable measurement results continuously. In addition, the SmartScan25 is designed to compensate for temperature variations that may occur inside the tank when the oil temperature declines.


The SmartScan25 unit installed at Tuntex Distinct provides the plant with reliable and accurate measurement results of the oil level. This enables the plant engineers to obtain the necessary data of the stored oil and to maintain the needed level for the liquefying process.

SmartScan25 L measures liquids up to 40m (131ft) with an accuracy of 0.25% of measuring range. Its variety of compact sensors provides a complete solution for a wide range of industry applications. SmartScan25 delivers fast response while maintaining high reliability in problematic tank conditions, high process tanks and large storage vessels.

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