Cooperation with micca - Case Study


Courtesy of Microtronics Engineering GMBH

The Customer

Seated in Vienna, Austria, the micca informationstechnologie gmbh is an expert for industrial metrology. micca is focusing on the fields of energy supply with a strong emphasis on metrology for electrical substations and high-voltage power lines. micca cooperates with a network of partners and in the technology field also has a close cooperation with the Austrian universities Graz University of Technology and Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt.

The Task

Energy suppliers increasingly have to take care that their power grids are used efficiently. A crucial factor for this is the temperature measurement on the power line. Additional energy from a wind farm for example heatens up the power line. The measurement of this temperature increase allows to evaluate if a power line can still handle the transportation of the additional energy. For the temperature measurement on the power line micca searched for the most accurate monitoring solution possible.

The Solution

With emo (Enhanced Monitoring of Overhead Transmission Lines) Microtronics developed a reliable monitoring system for high-voltage power lines which enables the acquisition and transmission of power line temperatures at an economical low cost. The transmission capacity of the supply system through to the individual subsections becomes transparent for energy suppliers and enables even more efficient operation of the existing line infrastructure. The special thing about it: three temperature points measure the temperature on the line. The body of the power line sonde is not touching the line itself and is thus not influencing the line temperature.

The Result
The solution emo offers the following benefits:

  • Accurate acquisition of the temperature directly on the line
  • More efficient utilisation of the network infrastructure
  • More efficient maintenance processes through central monitoring system
  • Reduction of operating costs by 15 – 30 %

Customer comments

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