Core management and fuel handling for research reactors

This Safety Guide was developed within the framework of the research reactor safety programme of the IAEA. It recommends how to meet the safety requirements for core management and fuel handling that are presented in paras 7.65–7.70 of the Safety of Research Reactors [1]. It is related to the Safety Guide on The Operating Organization and the Recruitment, Training and Qualification of Personnel for Research Reactors [2], which identifies core management and fuel handling as two of the various important activities to be performed by the operating organization. These activities are related to the prevention of criticality accidents, with reference to Principle 8 of the Fundamental Safety Principles [3]: “Prevention of accidents: All practical efforts must be made to prevent and mitigate nuclear or radiation accidents.” This principle states that: “The most harmful consequences arising from facilities and activities have come from the loss of control over a nuclear reactor core, nuclear chain reaction, radioactive source or other source of radiation.”

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