Creating Your Own Solar Energy Business on a Small Budget

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We are at the dawn of a solar explosion in the United States. Every aspect of the solar industry is experiencing explosive growth. Triple digit expansion in solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing, to the need for solar sales associates, to the huge demand for solar system installers is emerging everywhere.

Opportunities abound. Due to this commitment, the Department of Energy will be more than willing to give out grants for something like a home-based, solar energy business. Steven Chu, the new Secretary of Energy has pledged to make the Department of Energy's services more available to the common person.

This means that anymore who want to run a business from home promoting the use of solar energy should be able to work their way through the bureaucracy well.

The change in attitude related to renewable, solar energy just offers way more options to a person, who may have lost their job during this economic downturn, to get a let up and start their own, work from home business.

Most of the grants and funding work is done through the Office of Science Grants and Contracts Division. The Office of Science Contracts would make an assessment on whether or not the work from home solar energy business would be viable enough to be worthy of a government subsidy. The DOE has launched what they call the Solar America Initiative. This program hopes to promote more forms of electricity from off of the grid sources by 2015.

There are other options and ways to start your own solar energy business besides getting the whole business operation up and running by yourself. You can look for other established or emerging companies that have inexpensive ways to become affiliated with them. To be a sales associate in most organizations doesn't take a lot of work. You may need to pass a test to show you are qualified and know a little about solar energy but that is usually it.

You do not need to be a college graduate or a seasoned sales executive. More often than not, a person with passion and drive can really make a difference. There are opportunities in the renewable energy industry for those who believe in solar power and wish to promote alternate ways to help the U.S. produce electricity.

Any of the good business opportunities, will not have any fees or out of pocket costs to join. You should be on the lookout if they do. A reputable company will not ask new associates to pay for a 'welcome kit' or sample products.

Their sole interest should be in creating a team of associates who understand the good they can do by simply referring U.S. homeowners to exciting aspects of renting a solar energy system for their home.

Obviously the idea of a home based solar energy business that promotes the renting of a solar system versus having to buy one is a super way to offer renewable energy and one great idea that will get us all closer to moving off the grid for good.

A new form of environmental entrepreneur or a green collar worker, was much talked about in the recently election. A green collar job would revive the solar manufacturing base in this country and provide opportunity to people who otherwise might not be able to make a good living or who may have recently lost a job.

A small business is the lifeblood of the economy for many communities so when a green collar job is a part of a small business, it is a winning combination.

The exciting aspect of solar energy is the potential for growth. The renewable energy industry is still in its infancy. With less than 2.3 percent total market penetration into the residential market, the renewable energy industry has a huge market to tap into.

What's more, solar power makes up three fifths of a percent of the total renewable share, and yet, solar power has the greatest potential of all renewable types for rapid, exponential growth.

There are also several websites that promote the idea of home based renewable energy. Many of these websites have connections to private equity and venture capital firms who would consider investing in a solar energy company, but the truth is that there is such a calling for something innovative like a home based solar company that large upfront investments are not necessary in many ways.

Home based solar energy companies would fit nicely in the scheme of the President's Advanced Energy Initiative. Dr. Chu, mentioned a couple of times previously, advocates the partnership of private and public sectors as it relates to the required growth of solar.

As a teacher at a large university, Chu wrote much about the pending growth and needed adoption of renewable energy for home usage. He also stressed how it will pave a way off of fossil fuels.

Chu has called for a revolution in alternative fuels and he says there is no better time than now to confront environmental challenges.

Without a doubt, the next few years will provide a bounty of opportunities to build a work from home, solar energy business.

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