Customer case: Telenor reaps the benefits of remote power


Courtesy of Eltek AS

The Norwegian telco operator Telenor applies Eltek's 'remote power' concept in their mobile network, distributing 380 V DC to Remote Radio Units (RRUs) - with significant documented savings as a result.

In collaboration with Eltek, the Telenor Technology Centre has developed a solution for High Voltage Distribution which offers completely new opportunities and savings for the development of the mobile network. In essence, the concept is to increase voltage from 48V DC to 380V DC on distribution cables in RRUs. . RRU installations are used where the antennas and the base station are a long way apart. 380V DC allows a significant reduction in the number of cables from rectifier / battery plant, and the distance to the RRU location can increase fivefold.

Easier, faster and cheaper

The system is currently in use at about 25 sites around the country. Experience shows that the system makes it easier to use the best antenna location, and that installation costs for the DC system can be reduced by up to 70 percent (average savings are 25 to 30 percent) where the cable length exceeds 70 metres - or guiding paths in places that do not have room for expansion. This will in turn provide simplified operation and lower operating costs. All this, with the same battery back-up and run time for the entire radio system.

Telenor Norway was the first to put this system to use in base-station installations. The positive experience so far indicates that the system has made the system the first choice for all sites where it provides financial and / or practical benefits.  'The system gives us much faster and cheaper 4G development at a significant number of sites. It can thus also contribute to realisation of the development plans and cost framework for 4G development,' said  Ole Håvemoen of the Telenor Technical Centre.

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