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Customers problem: steam injection tank heating


Courtesy of Komax Systems, Inc.

Northwood pulp and Timber Company in Prince George British Columbia, was plagued with a problem of violent vibrations and banging when heating a large volume paper machine chest with a conventional steam sparger. The tank walls were lined with ceramic tiles which were cracking, sections were coming off the wall due to the vibration from the collapsing steam bubbles.

Komax Solution:

Bill Neville, the Plant Engineer, contacted the Komax Systems representative, Austin & Denholm Inc, in Vancouver. ADI recommend installing a Komax 'Scepter' direct steam tank heater. After the Scepter installation the vibration and banging totally disappeared.

Existing specifications:

  • Chest or tank volume: 37,140 U.S. gallons.
  • Starting temperature: 43 deg. F.
  • Final temperature: 122 deg. F.
  • Steam source: 65 psi, saturated.
  • Heat Input Required: 24..5 MM Btu.
  • Total Heating Time: 2 hours.
  • Temperature Rise Rate: 40 deg F/hr.
  • Steam Flow Rate: 10,000 #/hr.
  • Control Valve Position 100% open.
  • Valve Pressure Drop: 5 psi

After the Komax Scepter installation the mill found it also produced a faster heating time and provided very good tank circulation.

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