Cyclone Air-Assist Flares SFVP-0824 X 40’ - Case Study #170204


Courtesy of AEREON

Project Details

  • Location: Permian Basin
  • Flow Rate HP: 10 MMSCFD
  • HP Inlet Pressure (ΔP): 10-250 psig
  • HP Smokeless %: 100% of flow
  • Flow Rate LP: 1.0 MMSCFD
  • LP Inlet Pressure (ΔP): 8 oz/in2
  • LP Smokeless %: 100% of flow
  • Heating Value: 1250 BTU/SCF
  • Pilot: Electronic Model 850
  • Installed Year: 2017

Aereon’sCyclone Series Air-Assisted Flare is used here to burn off waste natural gas from a high-pressure separator and storage tanks. Assist air is introduced via a concentric riser design where it aggressively mixes with the waste LP/HP gases at the flare tip to improve combustion and smokeless performance. The LP riser design minimizes pressure drop allowing for very low LP supply pressure to still achieve smokeless combustion even at high LP flow rates. A deflagration arrestor is utilized in the supply line prevents flame backflash.

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