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Dalkia plc selects eSight in a strategic move to a single M&T solution


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Dalkia is one of the leading providers of energy and integrated facilities services to companies through the UK and Ireland. Established in the UK for 35 years they serve more than 40,000 client sites spanning commercial, industrial, retail, health and public sectors.

The Requirement

Dalkia offer a wide range of services spanning across facilities and energy management. From plant operation and support to energy bureau services including procurement and contract negotiation, invoice validation and consultancy; Dalkia cover it all.

Dalkia handle a large amount of energy data across an extensive array of client sites. This data includes half hourly metering data and information from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) control systems.

Dalkia required a two-fold solution that would enable them to:

  • Transfer the data from remote sites to one central location
  • Perform comprehensive analysis of the energy data

Dalkia chose eSight Energy’s eTransfer product to enable them to transfer data between remote sites.

They selected eSight Energy’s eSight energy monitoring and targeting suite for the analysis of energy data once transferred from client sites.

Dalkia also had a range of specific reports to be produced and automatically distributed on a regular basis.

The Solution

Dalkia needed to be able to transfer energy data from remote sites to a single central location for analysis.

eTransfer provides Dalkia with the ability to securely transfer both files and data between locations.

eTransfer has been configured to transfer data from remote client sites across the UK to a central eSight database every 30 minutes.

Through eSight, staff at Dalkia can perform comprehensive analysis of their client’s energy data. This includes regression, deviation, CUSUM and baseload analysis in addition to league table analysis.

Dalkia use eSight for both standard graphical and tabular analysis of energy, and have developed specific operational reporting to meet the needs of the Customer and Dalkia.

Alarms can be configured to immediately report any anomalies in plant operation or energy consumption.

Staff are even able to receive these alarms via SMS text message to ensure they receive the notification as it occurs…..not after the event when it is often too late!

eSight also distributes complex bespoke client reports by email on a scheduled basis which have been designed using the eSight Report Designer.

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