Dark-sky Friendly Lighting for Reduced Light Pollution

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The night sky is one of the most spectacular sights to see and at no cost at all. The shining stars and moon over the dark canvas that is the sky paints a beautiful picture of nature and reminds you that the earth is a beautiful place.

Over the years there has been an increase in the amount of outdoor lighting being used, especially in large cities. The extra lighting affects this night sky and actually ends up polluting the environment. The dark sky at night is used by astronomers to study celestial bodies because of the contrast provided by the light of the stars against the black backdrop of the sky. An increase in light pollution affects this contrast and interferes with these activities. The increased light pollution literally puts this discipline of science in jeopardy. It also poses a threat to future generations since they may not be able to enjoy the beautiful sight of the night sky with time.

Dark-sky movement

Due to this a movement known as the ‘dark-sky movement’ has begun and it is aimed at reducing light pollution so as to preserve the dark sky at night. This is being done by education and a reduction in the amount of outdoor artificial light being used at night. Adopting a dark-sky compliant light is a great step towards achieving this vision.

These lights produce just the right amount of lighting required without causing any unnecessary pollution or wastage of energy and light. Bright lighting may make people feel safer but it does not mean that the area is actually safer. Having the right amount of light placed in the right position will allow for the surrounding area to be well lit with no adverse effects.

The GS-LED-290 is a great light for such purposes. It uses a small wattage of 60W and another bulb that uses 80W is also available. The color temperature of the light is about 4000K and is dark-sky approved so you can comfortably use it for your outdoor lighting needs without worrying about polluting the environment.

Efficient and long lasting

It has a toughened glass lens and can last for more than 50,000 hours. It has a very modern look and it is designed in such a way as to not let unnecessary light be released into the sky. The LED fixtures ensure that the light is good quality, durable and saves a lot of energy. They also require minimal maintenance and this saves a lot of money.

LED fixtures are being adopted as the ideal kind of fixture due to their energy savings and efficiency. They fulfill all the requirements from different lighting regulators in terms of pollution and efficiency and they are definitely a good option for use in dark-sky compliant light. The fact that it can be used with solar powered lights gives it the advantage of conserving the environment.

The GS-LED-290 can be used to light up streets, parking lots, intersections, roadways and even boats. It fits in everywhere and gives the place a refined modern look due to its own modern design and it properly accomplishes its lighting duties.    

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