Decorative Solar Lighting with Bell-shaped LED Fixtures

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The sun is an ever-present source of energy for solar lighting. Solar lighting is being taken up and is especially being used for street lights. Lighting up streets is very essential for security purposes since it makes people feel safer. It is also important since it increases night vision by about 25 percent. This increases a driver’s brake response by about 10 percent which reduces the occurrence of accidents. 

The lights are also very efficient since they use much less energy but produce a lot of light. This allows for a lot of energy savings thus making it a viable option for street lighting. Solar lighting also attracts no utility fees since it is solely powered by the sun. This is a huge benefit for any institution because solar lights stay on the whole night and can use up quite a large amount of energy, which translates to very high electricity bills.

Minimal maintenance costs

In terms of maintenance, solar outdoor lighting is very cost effective because they require very minimal maintenance. They are made to withstand the harsh weather of the outdoors and so minimal damage is usually reported. That is an additional benefit since most outdoor lights usually require constant replacing.

People associate street lighting with seriousness since it involves saving the environment and conserving energy. It is not just about the serious things alone though. You do not have to have street lights that are scary to look at. You can kill two birds with one stone and make sure that the lights you use are beautiful to look at.

Decorative solar street lights take on this challenge and deliver perfect results. The bell-shaped fixtures are beautiful to look at and they still provide proper lighting. When the lights go on it is not just the light that makes you feel comfortable but the fixtures as well.

Lighting and aesthetics

Even during the day when the lights are off the beautiful fixtures continue to decorate the streets thus making them even more attractive. Lighting should not just be about the light produced but about aesthetics as well.

Decorative solar street lights actually offer more benefits to the environment because of the aesthetics and functionality. There is no compromise on the quality of light and the fixtures come with low wattage bulbs that do not consume too much energy. The solar panels fixed on them remain powerful and deliver just like regular solar panels attached to regular solar lights.

They can be used in every area because they are just as versatile as the regular street lights. You can use them in areas that receive minimal sunlight throughout the year, areas that receive a large amount of sunlight and even those with average sunlight.

Installation of decorative solar street lights remains the same and as simple as the other solar street lights. The only difference with these lights is the decorative fixtures and this accounts for a large part of its advantages. These lights definitely have an edge as compared to regular solar street lighting.

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