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Based on 2050 projections, energy savings in buildings could save more carbon dioxide than the entire emissions of the transport sector. Knowledge and technology available today could achieve these dramatic reductions in building energy consumption, but it is happening only at a snail’s pace. Market and policy failures and behavioral barriers stand in the way of achieving the huge progress that is both necessary and possible. The rapid growth of new buildings in developing countries is a great challenge and an opportunity. The low rate of replacement of inefficient buildings in developed countries means it is essential to refurbish the existing stock. It is not enough just to create new, low-energy buildings.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) created the Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) project in 2006 to identify how to overcome the barriers and achieve rapid progress towards a vision of zero net energy buildings. At stake is 40% or so of the world’s energy that is consumed in buildings and more than a third of carbon dioxide emissions.

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