Deepwater commissioning - BP horn mountain project - Venice, Louisiana


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

BP called on CETCO’s Nitrogen Services Division to help on the Horn Mountain Project, a deepwater spar located 84 miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana. Our team of professionals helped design and fabricate the equipment used to inject nitrogen in the riser air cans.

Ken Ruddy, Senior Subsea Engineer for the Horn Mountain Project Team commented: “CETCO’s Nitrogen staff were involved in the earliest stages of the project and were an integral part of the design and fabrication of the hardware used. They tailor-made the equipment for the application to facilitate the injection of nitrogen in a safe and controlled fashion. They staffed the project with three highly trained professionals who stayed with the project from beginning to end. I would definitely use CETCO again on a similar project.”

Jack Burman, Lead Completion Engineer for the Horn Mountain Project Team noted: “CETCO’s Nitrogen Services Division definitely showed great customer and project understanding when they worked on the Horn Mountain Project. They took the time to understand what was needed, developed processes specifically for this project and delivered it for BP safely and without wasted time or money. We had complete confidence in their methods and at the end of project, we were completely satisfied. We were impressed with their customer oriented solutions.”

Wayne Sutton, Senior Completion Engineer for the Horn Mountain Project Team also remarked: “CETCO’s Nitrogen Services Division helped the Horn Mountain Completion Team achieve its goals by delivering their nitrogen services without any accidents or non-productive time. Involvement of CETCO personnel in the detailed planning enabled this achievement.”

Our customers agree: CETCO comes through when the job is on the line. Providing top-flight nitrogen applications to the oil, gas, pipeline, shipping and petrochemical industries is no easy task, but we have the personnel, equipment and experience to deliver time and time again. When you need a full range of nitrogen applications for your demanding projects, one company stands alone - CETCO Oilfield Services.

We turn mission impossible into mission accomplished.

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